Moress Charms/Lili Tae Collection

The new “Faunas of the Fall” Collection is a whimsical fairytale themed collection created in collaboration with Bangkok based Illustrator/Artist, Lili Tae!

Moress Charms kindly sent me four silver charms from the Lili Tae Collection to review.

These lovely silver charms are very reasonably priced between $32 – $35 USD. The craftsmanship is utterly remarkable and the charms are truly exquisite! They have universal cores and fit other major brands such as Pandora and Trollbeads!

The first charm (and my personal favorite) is called “Ms. Pumpkin”. She is so incredibly adorable! Just look at her tiny, sweet face! It’s such a beautiful, finely detailed silver charm!✨🍁🎃

Ms. Pumpkin
Ms. Pumpkin

This next charm is called the “Purring Dahlia”. She is a mystical, peaceful feline, but also adventurous in nature. She reminds me of my own sweet feline, Frosty!🌸🐱✨

Purring Dahlia on Lili Tae Silk Scarf
Purring Dahlia
Purring Dahlia

This next whimsical charm is called the “Quadruplets”. Four sweet fairies are hiding in a pile of autumn leaves. Their tiny faces are so adorable!🍂🧚🍁

The Quadruplets
The Quadruplets
The Quadruplets

The final charm is called “Ocean Begonia”. This amazing design represents an ancient ocean creature that wakes from its slumber and decorates it’s scales with lost Begonia petals.🌊🌸

Ocean Begonia
Ocean Begonia on Lili Tae Silk Scarf

Finally, I designed a fairytale themed bangle which features Ms. Pumpkin as my centerpiece and also showcases the Purring Dahlia and the Ocean Begonia charms!

Bangle Design featuring Ms. Pumpkin, Purring Dahlia, and Ocean Begonia

What are your thoughts on the Faunas of the Fall Collection by Lili Tae? Please let me know in the comments section below, dear bead friends!❤️🥰

My Fenton Bird Collection!

Bracelet Showcasing a Variety of Birds!

I have always loved bird watching. When I saw that Fenton Glass Jewelry had such an amazing collection of hand painted bird beads, I was instantly hooked! I have never seen such an incredible variety of bird beads! I just had to start a collection! ❤️🐦

Fenton Hand Painted Birds are Miniature Works of Art!

I now have enough Fenton birds to fill an entire bracelet! That was my initial goal. However, I intend to continue to add to my collection! They are just so exquisite! I have cardinals, flamingos, robins, several blue birds, a blue jay, a chickadee, a sparrow, and a calico bird!

Cardinal on Pine for Christmas
Fenton Birds with Vintage Porcelain

The Cardinal on Pine is definitely my favorite bird for the holidays! It was Fenton’s best selling Christmas bead in 2018! However, I love to wear it throughout the year. I must confess, that it’s my all time favorite bird as well! That vibrant pop of red against the snowy landscape is simply breathtaking!

“A Cardinal is a messenger from heaven!”

Do you have any Fenton bird favorites? Please let me know in the Comments Section!

Fenton Cardinal
“A Song for Christmas”

I look forward to hearing from my bead friends!❤️🐦

Happy New Year!

Carol ❤️ xoxo

My Christmas Bracelet

I wish you a Merry Christmas! ~ Charmsnirvana

I absolutely love the Rockettes ornament and matching charm from 2018! Such a beautiful presentation!
Frosty enjoys decorating for the holidays too!

I have collected so many Christmas decorations over the years. The vintage decorations and glass ornaments passed down from my grandmother are truly cherished because they connect me to Christmases past spent with my loving family. Actually, both my grandmother and my mom were collectors, just like myself. They collected English china, (especially teacups), and of course the amazing glass ornaments of yesteryear. There are so many lovely memories attached to these decorations!

As the years went by, I added my own meaningful ornaments to my collection and my daughters began to look forward to the annual tradition of unboxing the family ornaments. Of course, I have so many in my collection now that some unfortunately, don’t end up on the Christmas tree! However, we all enjoy unwrapping them nonetheless!

Over past few years, I have collected many of the Pandora porcelain Christmas ornaments. However, because they are so delicate and fragile, I don’t hang them on my tree. But, when I saw the Rockettes bauble with matching charm inside, I simply had to indulge! Unfortunately, I missed out on the the red Rockettes ornament from 2017. However, I recently stumbled upon it purely by accident! Once again, I simply had to indulge. It was too beautiful to pass up!

In recent years, I have focused on collecting charms and beads. There is something so special about these miniature treasures! I love rearranging them on different bracelets and bangles! The possibilities are endless. After all, they are the collectables of the future and they will be passed down to my own lovely daughters! Each tiny charm or bead, represents something memorable and meaningful which truly connects us to future generations.

Merry Christmas lovely bead sisters!

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